Our Products Fresh from more than 10 Montana farms

  • Green and Red Cabbage
  • Carrots (Fresh or Frozen)
  • Mixed Lettuce Greens
  • Chopped Romaine
  • Spinach
  • Yellow and Red Onions
  • Beets, all varieties (Fresh or Frozen)

  • Tomatoes (Fresh or Frozen)
  • Kale, all varieties
  • Chard, all varieties
  • Summer Squash (Fresh or Frozen)
  • Arugula
  • Asian Mix
  • Cucumbers


We have wholesale accounts available for restaurants, institutions, or other food service businesses in the Gallatin Valley. We can currently supply any of the vegetables listed above, packed in 10 lb bulk resealable or vacuum bags. Contact Christina for more information.

Organic Dinner Box *Coming Soon* Local, Fresh, Convenient

Order your box using our weekly order form

Customize contents to your liking and pay online

Pick up in Bozeman on Tuesdays from 4-6 pm

We offer two box sizes: a small box for $25, and a large box for $40.

Veggies included in each box are all prepped to your choosing and ready for the dinner table. We offer sliced, diced, julienned, and shredded options, as well as fully washed salad greens.

Our Dinner Box operates on a no-strings-attached policy, which means that there is no sign-up fee and no weekly commitment: order as often as you’d like!


Our Story

Appetite comes with a conscience these days. The demand for delicious, fresh foods is accompanied by a commitment to reducing the distance between farm and fork. That’s where we come in. Root Cellar Foods turns locally grown vegetables into ingredients that large-scale consumers – from grocery stores to restaurants – can use to prepare meals for customers. Farmers do the planting, growing and harvesting. We do the chopping, shredding, and slicing. Our processed, packaged foods allow consumers to enjoy Montana-grown vegetables not only during the growing season, but all year long.

Root Cellar Foods Owner, Manager and Staff are deeply connected to the local food market. We bring a wealth of experience in food production, processing, distribution, marketing, and food writing. Each of us are firmly rooted and widely networked in the area. We do business with local farms that grow everything from cabbage and carrots to spinach and squash. We work quickly to ensure freshness. Vegetables are prepped and packaged within 24 to 72 hours of harvest.




Producer Spotlight

Strike Farms

Strike Farms, formed by Dylan Strike, was created in order to have a meaningful lifestyle that revolves around growing food, creating art, and building community. We are currently leasing five acres of land from Tom and May Heriza who, along with their four daughters, have to be the most generous and kind people in the Gallatin Valley. Their decision to...



Are you a new organic farmer in the Gallatin Valley? Interested in selling to us? We are always looking for new growers to supply produce! Contact Lauren for more information.

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Root Cellar Foods converts locally grown vegetables into value-added, processed products for sale in the state of Montana.
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