Alpine Organic July 22, 2014

Dawn Sampson and Dave McCarson are the owners of Alpine Organic Farm, located on over forty acres of land outside of Three Forks. Dawn is an avid gardener and enjoys cooking with fresh picked garden veggies and herbs. She started planting vegetable and flower seeds in a shoebox as a child. While that was fun, growing vegetables and herbs on a large scale to provide to the local community is a real thrill for her. In addition to having a passion for growing food, Dawn has twenty-five years of experience in administrative, budgeting, project management and business procedures which is invaluable for managing a farm.

Dave not only possesses over twenty years experience in sales and marketing, but he also has the construction skills needed to build and maintain the Alpine Organic Farm solar greenhouses. The greenhouses are the key to producing tasty and nutritious tomatoes, peppers and herbs in this Rocky Mountain climate. 

Alpine Organic has been certified organic since June 2011, and Dawn and Dave are thrilled to share their local and certified organic tomatoes, peppers and herbs with the folks of the Gallatin Valley. They invite you to experience the taste of locally grown fresh-from-the-vine tomatoes, the way nature intended them to be devoured.

Alpine Organic Farm produce is sold to local retailers, restaurants and through their CSA (half and full shares available here). They also hope to provide our tasty produce directly to customers at the local farmers’ market in the future.

Christina Angell


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